INTERNAZIONALE - Rome, 2017.01.19: "Corruption in the import/export trade with foreign countries".

Written by Avv. Salvatore Frattallone. Posted in International Business Law

Master di II livello in International Business Law - La Sapienza

Mr. Salvatore Frattallone, a Supreme Court criminal lawyer, that's also specialist (Legum Magister - Master with praise) in International Commercial Law, took part in the conference below to deepen the subject in the framework of his international competences. What is international corruption? Can you pay the commission to an intermediary or can it be considered, under certain conditions, a criminal offense? Is there a specific criminal law in Italy in this respect? Does it concern only the facts committed in Italy or even offenses committed abroad? These issues have been devoted to this high-level legal deepening, which entrepreneurs (and other their self-employed advisers in internationalization) often ignore or, at least, neglect. But the risks of having to respond to have committed crimes are many and are always lurking.

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Study Seminar


Conclusion of the XII course - Inauguration of the XIII course


Thursday 19 January 2017 at 4:00 pm


University La Sapienza - Faculty of Economics

Aula "P. Onida "- Via del Castro Laurenziano, 9 - Rome



Prof. Daniele Vattermoli, Director of the Department of Law and Economics of Production Activities

Prof. Daniele U. Santosuosso, Director of IBL Master

Prof. Alessandro Nigro, Scientific Coordinator of IBL Master


International corruption.

Prof. Alberto Alessandri, Professor Emeritus of Commercial Criminal Law, Bocconi University of Milan

Will Attend Avv. Salvatore Frattallone LL.M., Specialist in International Business Law.

At the end of the seminar, the parchments will be delivered on the titles obtained in the previous editions of the Master.

 2nd Level Master in


(XIII Edition - A.A 2016-2017)


Prof. Daniele U. SANTOSUOSSO

Scientific Coordinator

Prof. Alessandro NIGRO

Didactic-Scientific Council:

Prof. Anna Rosa ADIUTORI

Prof. Giuseppina CAPALDO

Prof. Vincenzo CARIDI

Prof. Eugenio DELLA VALLE

Prof. Alessandro NIGRO

Prof. Rita SALVI

Prof. Daniele U. SANTOSUOSSO

Prof. Daniele VATTERMOLI

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