The Lawyer Salvatore Frattallone LL.M. (short curriculum vitae)

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The View net Legal network

The VnL project moves from the assertion that the free legal profession can be better practiced through structures that retain all their autonomy but are synergistically connected in the best interests of the customer's satisfaction.
To this end, each Studio is organized on a network and in full autonomy it is coordinated with that of the other Partners.

The experience teaches, Lawyers are not all the same.

We are a network of Legal Studies that have in common ethical, professional, quality and working methods, and who share the focus of attention with the customer's problems, to whom we offer "integrated" and multidisciplinary care and advice throughout Italy And abroad.

The network, born from a happy insight of a pool of Lawyers, including the On. Prof. Michele Vietti, is a network of exchange and professional collaboration. But it is also a privileged opportunity to make the most of the synergy between Legal Studies of Partners that are Network Members.

Flexible, autonomous and dynamic structuring.

ViewNet Legal constitutes the evolution of the traditional law firm model: we are not an association between single professionals or a s.t.p., but the associative partnership between the various Independent Studies, without expanding their organizations, employs talents and potentialities.

Intuitus personae and trust, the tracks of our professional action.

Today's reality is too complicated to be systematically dealt with only by a generalist lawyer, a "tuttologist". To address the issues brought to the attention of our studies, often very articulated, serves a multidisciplinary approach.

High level of competence and integration resulting from the partnership.

We want to break down the "response time" to the demand for justice and increase the likelihood that the proposed solutions will meet Customer's actual satisfaction.
We believe that the daily use of telematic links and other technologically advanced resources, which are part of the digital era, will create the conditions for conferring on Network Partners a suitable implementation.

Experience, tradition and professional passion distinguish members of the VnL network.

We have chosen to include among the Partners also Legal Studies rooted in areas already belonging to the detached sections and tribunals subject to the review of judicial geography, in order to stimulate its "value" and to pay particular attention to the productive realities that insist in the various territories: Judicial sites, VnL is designed in proportion to the size of each forum, to facilitate the relationship with the Customer.
Thanks to the ductile model chosen, the VnL network aspires to offer Clients of Individual Legal Studies reliability, reliability and experience, combine with flexibility and innovation, trying to contain the burden of legal costs: each customer relies on the trusted professional , Since we hold to the direct and special relationship with the Reference Study.

The VnL network partners can easily confront, with equal dignity, their competitors.

With large professional associations and structured studies on the Anglo-American model, we share the contextualization of professional know-how, without undermining the known management difficulties and trying to avoid the costs of professional integration ending with falling on the customer.

The brand View net Legal© - Integration of legal knowledge, innovation and expertise.

How to recognize the various components of the Alliance? The tool designed to achieve the goal is the VnL registered trademark, which distinguishes each Partner and is visible in correspondence, court proceedings, publications, and their respective websites.
In View Net Legal, the logic of aggregation, respecting the autonomy of each lawyer, facilitates a proactive, functional approach to the customer's concrete needs.