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The lawyer Salvatore Frattallone LL.M. and the Architect Emanuela Tartaglia have promoted and took part in the missions in Minsk, on March 13/15, 2018 and on April 25/27, 2018, of the Minister Augusto Michelotti - Secretary General of the Serenissima Republic of San Marino, for Territory, Environment, Agriculture and Tourism - at SkyWay, the Belarusian company that designs and implements cutting-edge fast connection system

Augusto Michelotti met Eng. Anatoly Yunitskiy, father and head of the exclusive high-speed urban transport project on 'string', carried out an inspection in the production facilities and experimental management of rolling stock, control systems and vehicles and visited the test tracks of the 'EcoTechno Park of SkyWay', installed on the 36 hectares of Marina Gorka, where the extensive project has become a reality and in which the team of specialists implementing project and certifications operates. On the occasion of the second mission, the high representative of the Government of the ancient Republic of the Titan was accompanied by the Arch. Giuseppe Vallelonga, expert of Mobility In Chain, from Milan, who cooperates with Arch. Stefano Boeri of Milan (famous for his vertical forest) commissioned by the Government of San Marino to plan the new master plan. 

video 26.04.2018 Marina Gorka - Minsk

The new raised transport system provides that the SkayWay aerodynamic vehicles are mounted on the string, which is nothing but a pair of paired tracks, which recall the idea of ​​the monorail. Among the peculiarities of the system are the eco-compatibility (the four wheels for traction on the strings are driven by independent motors with photovoltaic / wind energy, without lines in tension), comfort, silence and versatility (depending on the tracing and steep slopes, which the vehicle can overcome, can be connected to different types of strings, compatible with each other, and alternate means for people, even small, and goods), speed (apart from the Unibus urban model, with the most capacious carriages can be reached the speed of 500 km/h on rigid line), safety (2 "between the arriving vehicles and anti-tipping system: for each wheel, there are two others combined) and low cost (compared to all other similar solutions that have existed so far).
The SkyWay transport system, therefore, could meet the requirements sought by the Secretary General of San Marino, who - at the end of each of the missions - has signed with Ing. Anatoly Yunitskiy two Memorandum of Understanding, written by the Avv. Salvatore Frattallone LL.M. in collaboration with Arch. Emanuela Tartaglia, as a manifestation of the non-binding interest towards the transport solution conceived and realized by SkyWay. A system that perhaps, tomorrow, could perhaps reach the railway station of Rimini and/or the San Marino's airport in Rimini.

The lawyer Salvatore Frattallone LL.M., of the Court of Padua, is a graduate at Bo' (the prestigious University of Padua) and he is a specialist in International Commerce (having achieved the Master's Degree with 110 cum laude at the University La Sapienza of Rome). The Architect Emanuela Tartaglia graduated with honors from La Sapienza and is a 110 and Honors Master in Economics and Property Management (University of Tor Vergata), as well as perfected in Sustainable Technologies (in La Sapienza). In the coming weeks there will be the visit, for technical survey of the territory and landscape, of the SkyWay's leaders delegation in San Marino, which is experiencing a true moment of rebirth in respect of its ancient traditions.technicians


-  Marina Gorka, Secretary General A. Michelotti in the SkyWay Museum, with A. Yunitskiy and Arch. E. Tartaglia, and the dedications in the golden book:

- Minsk, the first M.o.U. RSM / SW, A. Michelotti and A. Yunitskiy:

- Minsk, the second M.o.U. RSM / SW, Dr. Pavel Skoybeda, Michele and Kiricenko and, in the foreground, A. Yunitskiy:

- Minsk, the second M.o.U. RSM / SW, A. Michelotti and Dr. Pavel Skoybeda:


- Marina Gorka, Assistant to the General Secretary A. Michelotti Eng. E. Guidi, Eng. Kiril Badulin and the Arch. Giuseppe Vallelonga, next to the vehicle for goods transportation: 

- Marina Gorka, the Avv. S. Frattallone LL.M., the General Secretary A. Michelotti and the Arch. E. Tartaglia, in front of the Unibus:

- (video) EcoTechno Park by SkyWay in Marina Gorka and the delegation aboard SkyWay Unibus:

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