INTERNATIONAL TRADE - 2016.11.16, Mr. Frattallone becames President of "AEREC Lagoon District".

Rome - At the conference room of C.N.R. of Rome, Salvatore Frattallone was conferred, on the occasion of the Academic Day of 25.11.2016, the presidency of the "Lagoon District of the European Academy for Economic and Cultural Relations". The Academic Senate and the National President of AEREC, Dr. Ernesto Carpintieri, have chosen the Academician Frattallone - a criminal lawyer specializing in international trade law at Sapienza and holding the Law Firm Frattallone & Partners Law Firm - to chair the District of ' Academy in Venice, Padua and Rovigo. The lawyer Salvatore Frattallone LL.M. - of Padua, with Studio also in Rome and Modena, Partner and Advisor of the forensic network View net Legal - the task of identifying, selecting and coordinating the activities of illustrious personalities of the working and sparkling Northeast, made up of successful entrepreneurs, of well-known professionals, celebrities of the world of journalism, entertainment and music, cinema and entertainment, culture and entrepreneurship that make up one of the country's economic and cultural drives. 

"I consider the Academy as a true network of professionals, celebrities, and entrepreneurs," said President Frattallone in front of all the academics present at the 53rd Capitol Academic Convocation, "in which every Academician puts at the service his own specialist skills and What benefits it, in terms of expanding its clientele and its sphere of influence. A.E.R.E.C. is an association of excellence, which has a beating heart, and beats strong, for the passion that every Academician puts us into his professional affair. We need the unstoppable growth of A.E.R.E.C. To the high image of the prestigious profile of every academic, since each represents the strengthening of the image of Italian professionalism in the international cultural, economic and social fabric ".
"A.E.R.E.C. Is a beneficial lobby, "said Carpintieri, the gala evening later held in the splendid setting of the Palazzo del Brancaccio Exhibition Hall in Colle Oppio," which aims to entertain entrepreneurs and professionals to exchange concrete initiatives, moving from The strength of ideas, the courage to hold the right rudder, the ability to join business projects in Italy and abroad, the great achievements of solidarity, such as the creation of the health care center in Côte d'Ivoire and the NGOs of A.E.R.E.C., Future Mission, is the flagship. We distinguish ourselves because we expressly associate business and service, "continued Carpintieri," allowing our members to do business without losing sight of humanitarian initiatives, in a convivial environment that promotes interpersonal relationships between high profile people who help to promote Italian value in international relations». 


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