INTERNATIONAL TRADE - San Marino, October 25, 2017: "International Trade to Countries with Embargo or Restrictions, Dual-Use & Export Compliance".

Avv. Salvatore Frattallone LL.M. in San Marino

INTERNATIONAL TRADE - San Marino is a Republic in south central Europe in the Apennines: San Marino, October 25, 2017:
"International Trade to Countries with Embargo or Restrictions, Dual-Use & Export Compliance".

(In the photo, from left to right: the Secretary of State of the Serene Republic of San Marino, Michelotti, the President of the San Marino-Italy Association, Andrea Negri, the President of the AEREC District of 'San Marino', Roberto Tassinari Berti; the President of the 'Lagunare' AEREC District, Salvatore Frattallone)


The San Marino Association - Italy meets AEREC
Presented by Secretary Michelotti, it was mentioned the new PER, the fast connection Rimini - San Marino and projects for bio cultivation.


San Marino. In the picturesque setting of the Hotel Titano, the meeting was organized by the Association San Marino-Italia and AEREC (European Academy for Economic and Cultural Relations), an event that has attracted a significant participation of members and friends.

Opening, after the memory of Past President Augusto Mengozzi, recently disappeared, by our President Andrea Negri, the greeting of President AEREC Roberto Tassinari Berti and the intervention of the Academic Lawyer Salvatore Frattallone who illustrated to the present "International Trade towards countries with embargo or restrionion Dual - Use & Export Compliance ", a matter of which he is an authoritative specialist and who preceded the exhibition of our Secretary of State at the Territory, Environment and Tourism, Augusto Michelotti.

The numerous questions of President Negri and above all of the present audience have touched on matters of great interest and interest to our community, arguments that the Secretary of State has dealt with especially with regard to tourism internationalization strategies, indicating government actions undertaken and the objectives that are to be achieved.

Michelotti also illustrated on the national plan, the changes and transformations of the territory such as the new PRG, the project of Rimini-San Marino fast connection via monorail, bio-plant projects, renewable energy consumption within the Republic, indispensable programs to ensure that San Marino can become attractive not only in relation to Italy but internationally.

The convivial at Hotel La Terrazza's restaurant, in a friendly atmosphere and great friendliness, has ended our event rich in content and broad comparison.

Elisabetta Righi Iwanejko - Secretary General of San Marino-Italy Association


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