INTERNATIONAL TRADE - San Marino, October 25, 2017: "International Trade to Countries with Embargo or Restrictions, Dual-Use & Export Compliance".

Avv. Salvatore Frattallone LL.M. in San Marino

INTERNATIONAL TRADE - San Marino is a Republic in south central Europe in the Apennines: San Marino, October 25, 2017:
"International Trade to Countries with Embargo or Restrictions, Dual-Use & Export Compliance".

(In the photo, from left to right: the Secretary of State of the Serene Republic of San Marino, Michelotti, the President of the San Marino-Italy Association, Andrea Negri, the President of the AEREC District of 'San Marino', Roberto Tassinari Berti; the President of the 'Lagunare' AEREC District, Salvatore Frattallone)


The San Marino Association - Italy meets AEREC
Presented by Secretary Michelotti, it was mentioned the new PER, the fast connection Rimini - San Marino and projects for bio cultivation.


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About us: company profile

The Frattallone & Partners Law Firm

We provide Customers, in Italy and Abroad, legal services related to:

  • Advice in the field of international trade 
  • Company law and credit protection;
  • Privacy and data protection;
  • Authorized Private investigations;
  • Protection of family interests;
  • Defense, legality and legitimacy, offenders, investigators / defendants, civil law enforcement agencies and / or ex D.L.vo n. 231/01);
  • Contractual Assistance;
  • Health responsibility.
  • In other areas of law, we use the multifaceted professionalism of the excellent partners of "View net Legal" network, which have consolidated specialist experiences. This synergy is the true strength of our Studio: so, only when it is needed, the Customer can make use of this qualified knowledge and expertise without having to bear any more costs.

We work seamlessly with other experts to provide full fledged services to our clients. On import and export consultancy, we help in foreign trade matters our domestic and foreign clients in catering their business requirements, following the customer in foreign operations, from international trade negotiations, arranging meetings with importers, exporters & government bodies, till drafting of agreements and incorporation and registrations. We are dealing with export controls and export compliance, to comply with the legal regulations on dual goods and services law. Cause of Italian and European laws, that are very difficult to understand for a foreign company, there're sometimes troubles and complex legal issues: we help companies overcome these legal problems, providing full fledged services to our clients, from litigation support to judiciary representation. 

At the beginning of each service we always agree with the Client for the professional compensation, opting for the solution best suited to the particulars of the case. Professional performance is subject to periodic reporting. The fee can also be paid by credit card.

 «The stronger will be the training, the higher the probability of success.»

Mr. Salvatore Frattallone

L'Avv. Salvatore Frattallone LL.M.

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INTERNATIONAL TRADE - Italian Parliament, Roma: "AEREC Academy Day - International Trade towards countries with embargoes or restrictions. Dual-Use & Export Compliance".

AEREC, Roma, Camera dei Deputati, Sala dei Gruppi Parlamentari, 23.06.2017


On June 23, 2017, at 14:00 hrs, at the Conference Room of the Chamber of Deputies - Hall of the Parliamentary Groups, Rome, Via di Campo Marzio No. 78, during the Academy Day Conference organized by AEREC - European Academy for The Economic and Cultural Relations, will be attended by Attorney Salvatore Frattallone LL.M., concerning the matter of International Business Law, of which he is a specialist and so named:

♦ "International Trade towards Embassy or Restricted Countries - Dual-Use & Export Compliance".

The Rapporteur is Academician AEREC and is the President of the 'Lagunare' District which operates in the provinces of Venice, Padua and Rovigo to promote the internationalization business for Northeast businesses.

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INTERNATIONAL TRADE - Milan 2017.03.28, "Dual Use and Export Compliance for AEO".

EIFEC Frattallone & Partners Law Firm

The 28th of March, 2017 was held in Milan, at the Workshop of 'Compagnia delle Opere' - CdO International, the study seminar devoted to in-depth studies on the subject matter of dual goods. Businesses who import and, above all, export, have to deal with the new Italian customs code that came into effect in May 2016 and with the risk of committing the recycling crime in cross-border transactions, not just in the case of c.d. But also where it produces goods destined to be exported from another person (in the case of goods subjected to customs surveillance or data management relating to such goods) in a sort of 'indirect' supply chain.

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INTERNATIONAL TRADE- Rome 2017.03.22, Seminar "Industry 4.0 - National Plan, Investment, Development"

INTERNATIONAL TRADE- Roma 22.03.2017, Seminario “Industria 4.0 - Piano nazionale, investimenti, sviluppo".

Executive Breakfast
March 22, 2017

"Industry 4.0: National Plan, Investment, Development"

Rome, Palazzo Simonetti Odescalchi - Via Vittoria Colonna 11 (Piazza Cavour) - Room Giulio Cesare

The development of the Digital Industry (interoperability, 3D, enhanced reality, dematerialization, predictive systems, advanced sensors and algorithms applied to early control systems, rapid prototyping, innovative smart design helmets and remote operations, smart labels etc. ) Is one of the crucial challenges for securing our country for new productive capacity, attracting foreign investment, compete on international markets. The new technologies as an engine for investment and the push for industrialization, including through government measures (fiscal prolongation of super-amortization, tax exemption, simplification of tax credit, Ires reduction, Patent Box, activation of Competent Center, Hub and Startup Innovative, Brokerage, etc.). Hi-tech entrepreneurship resumes from Italy.

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